Clara Luper

Clara Luper is a hero to many in Oklahoma for her leadership, courage, and tireless work for the cause of civil rights. As part of their OKC3 Project students at Longfellow Middle School in Norman are sharing resources related to Clara Luper's life and work here.
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Biographical Links

  1. Oklahoma Historical Society's Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture
  2. English WikiPedia

Online Videos

  1. Celebrate Oklahoma Voices: Standing Up While Sitting In (11:04 - includes interview video with Clara Luper)
  2. Celebrate Oklahoma Voices: Sitting Down for What's Right! (5:04)
  3. YouTube: Taking a Stand by Sitting-in with Clara Luper (9:58)
  4. YouTube: Clara Luper reflects on her struggles and triumphs (3:44)

Civil Rights History in Oklahoma

  1. NAACP in Oklahoma (Oklahoma Historical Society's Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture)
  2. Fifty years ago, Oklahoma City activists stood up by sitting down (OK Gazette article, August 2008)

Organizations Supporting Civil Rights, Social Justice, Activism in Oklahoma

  1. NAACP
  2. Peace House - Oklahoma

Related Current Events / News

  1. Save Our Historical NAACP Freedom Center Office (12 Dec 2009)
  2. Historic NAACP Center in danger of closing (6 Jan 2010)

OKC3 Project Planning

  1. These are some of our thesis ideas. (from our 2nd Dec09 meeting)
  2. Project Timeline (started at our 3rd Dec09 meeting)
  3. Clara Luper History Scavenger Hunt
  4. A Wiffiti Board has been created to solicit participant questions via SMS (text messaging)