Clara Luper Civil Rights Timeline

December 2009
  1. Meet with students: Initial meeting to discuss project
  2. Meet with students: Discussing background of Clara Luper, view Standing Up While Sitting In (11:04 - includes interview video with Clara Luper)
  3. Meet with students: Share and discuss Clara Luper History scavenger hunt assignment (to be completed over holiday break)

January 2010
  1. Meet with Dr Brasher to discuss project / arrange for interview
  2. Meet with students (after school) to review scavenger hunt / discuss timeline
  3. Meet with Students: Workshop on Interview Process
  4. Interview with Oklahoma Sit In Participant (TBA)

February 2010
  1. Edit and publish interview audio (add photographs, sync to audio)
  2. Plan interactive lesson
  3. Rehearse interactive lesson
  4. Field Trip to Capitol Hill (or other OKC School) and share lesson

March 2010
  1. Present lesson for remote class
  2. Receive lesson from remote class